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Huangshan Shilin Hotel, 黄山の精華観光スポット――北海観光スポットに位置しています。西海大峡谷の入り口に隣接しています。獅子峰を背にして、雲谷ロープウェイ駅から1キロしか離れていません。歩いて20分しかかかりません。日の出の良い観光スポット、黄山市の百佳撮影スポット、清凉台まで3分しかないです。
  • HuangshanTunxi International Airportからホテルまでの距離はどのくらいですか?

    Huangshan Shilin Hotel 空港へ47.3km。

  • Huangshan Shilin Hotelに空港シャトルバスのサービスはありますか?


  • Huangshan Shilin Hotelのチェックイン時間とチェックアウト時間はいつですか?

    チェックイン時間:14:00以降, チェックアウト時間:12:00前です。

  • Huangshan Shilin Hotelにプールとフィットネスはありますか?


  • Huangshan Shilin Hotel の敷地内にレストランはありますか?


  • Huangshan Shilin HotelにはブロードバンドまたはWifiがありますか?


  • Huangshan Shilin Hotelは前払いを受け入れますか?


  • Huangshan Shilin Hotelはレジットカードでの決済を受け付けています?


  • Huangshan Shilin Hotel朝食はいくらですか?

    朝食 CNY58/人。

  • Huangshan Shilin Hotelの宿泊料金はいくらですか?


クチコミ 詳細
  • gdeagle
    OK, it's just that the goods are too expensive and the environment is very good.
  • caralyn
    The bath water is very cold. The room is small and clean. It is convenient to see the sunrise
  • catsumi
    The room is for 10 people... Maybe the ventilation is not good, there is a musty smell... It's cheap, but it feels strange...
  • dapang
    not bad
  • bonjour1979
    The hotel is expensive, the room is small and the living is average. The environment is good and close to the sunrise. It is recommended to live when the price is low
  • e00129304
    The price on the mountain is really expensive. The living environment of the house is OK. Originally, I wanted to see the sunrise on the mountain, but it rained and lost a little. It's also very expensive. I ordered two economic packages. It's really average. If you have strength, carry it on your back.
  • TincleW
    Speechless. The star hotels are like this. They want to be a refuge. The bed is too small and the service inside is not good, but the environment in Huangshan is pretty good
  • valle007
    The service was very good
  • lawyer_lg
    The hotel environment is very good. I upgraded to a suite for free. I will choose it next time!
  • gelwa
    The location of the hotel is very good. It's just a short walk from the cloud Valley cableway in the back mountain. The sanitary conditions of the hotel are not good. It rained when I went there, and my clothes were wet. There are still clothes that can be dried in the room. The food in the Hotel is very expensive, but it's still normal in Huangshan. Nearby is Beihai Hotel, Xihai Hotel, and Shilin is mainly a photography theme hotel, There is a photo exhibition in the lobby of the hotel. I'm very satisfied with it
  • extremell
    Except for the more expensive price, Gan Jing is OK,
  • Merlin.mei
    yi ban,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • angele1986
    Yes, but the bed is too small. It's a folding bed
  • e01985501
    The conditions of the hotel are good. There is an electric heater in the house, so it's neither cold nor damp at night
  • Bonic
    The room is compact and the bed is different from the one in the picture
  • jiangwei_xiong
    The environment is good. It's convenient to watch the sunrise next to Lion Peak.
  • fenglei919
    The environment and service were all very good
  • ilovecm
    Friends said it was OK
  • ribut9225
    Four people travel, so it's just a room with the same edge. In fact, there are four small beds in the standard room. However, although the sparrow is small and dirty, the room has sufficient air conditioning, so it can keep dry all the time. As mentioned in other online games, you need to bring your own toiletries. In addition, it should be noted that the four person room does not provide cotton coats. Fortunately, it is not very cold in the early morning at the end of March. We only wear our own clothes to see the sunrise. We feel no problem. The hotel is well located, just below the Lion Peak. It's very convenient to see the sunrise.
  • flyupup
    It's not bad. The living environment is delicious and not expensive. The service attitude is also OK. It's only ten minutes' walk by cableway
  • pan5341
    It's much better than I thought. After all, in the mountains, the buffet in the hotel is good. 98 is cheap for one person, but the sound insulation is too bad
  • xiwenxiu
    Generally speaking, it's good. However, if you go up from the back mountain and live here, you should plan the mountain route well and remember.
  • luis_
    The hotel has high-grade atmosphere and clean rooms, which is worthy of recommendation. Yes, but the food is very expensive. We walk to the paiyun building not far away for dinner. A fast food is 50 yuan. It's convenient to watch the sunrise. It's just a few minutes away. If you want to see a better sunrise, you'd better recommend Guangming top.
  • e03192731
    The room is a little small, but there are no other resources on the mountain. It's pretty good
  • lili781127
    The room is very mini, but it's very good! It's great to have a rack for baking clothes, because it's wet in the mountains. After washing and baking, it will dry soon! In addition, the price of food is also reasonable! After all, it's on the mountain. The ingredients are picked up by the porter!
  • simon030405
    Very good hotel
  • diy1984
    The rooms in Huangshan scenic area are almost the same. It's relatively simple to book four people. It's mainly for fun if you don't come to Huangshan. Everything up the mountain is very expensive. After all, it was picked up by the porter
  • bigya
    Maybe it's because it's a light season and good luck. The same room for the four people only lives with the two of us. The surrounding environment is good. It's less than ten minutes from the place where the sunrise is seen, and the scenery is beautiful. The only bad thing is that the socket charging is very slow. It's estimated that it's only about 100 volts. It took more than four hours to charge less than 40%. There's no way, I had to use the socket of the hair dryer ~ finally filled with mobile phones before checking out ~
  • F_ Jedi reborn
    It's very clean. It's listed as four stars. It looks like three stars at the foot of the mountain. It's good and quiet
  • nbyan
    Lion forest environment is still very good ~
  • fan769503040
    It's very good, but the bed is a little poor. Everything else is good. The sunrise is very close.
  • Albert
    The hotel rooms on the mountain are certainly not big, but the facilities are complete. I like the drying racks in the hotel on the mountain very practical
  • bopomofo088
    The location is very good, close to the sunrise viewing platform and cable car. It is highly recommended to have dinner on the terrace of the cool villa
  • tonyfs90
    It's convenient to watch the sunrise. It takes 10 minutes to go uphill to the cool desk. In summer, it's windy in the morning and evening. You need to add a coat or poncho. The hotel front desk can't figure out the situation. You have paid online, but you say you haven't paid. The level of roommate tenants can only rely on luck, poor sound insulation, small bed, shampoo, shower gel, towel, toothpaste and toothbrush.
  • b987654321
    It's a very good hotel. The location is very good. We booked a four person room in the same edge house. It's very suitable for family tourism. Every family lives in one room. It's very lively. Children especially like it. The service staff in the guest rooms are very friendly and professional. I have lived in many large hotels and felt a lot of service. However, Shilin hotel really feels like a home in travel. There is no cumbersome service process, the feeling is very considerate, and there is no rigidity of state-owned hotels. Some are more user-friendly and enthusiastic services. The outside of our room door may have slipped on the ground because someone else spilled some drinks. We called the room center and the service staff arrived in less than 3 minutes. After cleaning, remind us of the service content of the guest room. If we need to order wake-up service and explain the route, we can, We felt really good. Although we didn't talk much, we were very useful and satisfied. We praised the room staff! I also hope they will continue to provide enthusiastic service. We will stay in lion forest next time. In the room, the sheets and quilt covers on the bed are very clean without any peculiar smell. Later, I asked the hotel staff to know that these sheets are changed once a day. After changing, the mountain Porter should send them to the mountain for washing. After washing and drying, they have to pick them up. It's very difficult to go up early to watch the sunrise. It's very close from the hotel, In less than three minutes, we arrived at the place to watch the sunrise. Shizifeng is indeed a good place to see the sunrise. No wonder Shilin hotel is a photography theme. This trip is too busy to experience the enthusiasm of Shilin Hotel and the magnificence of Huangshan. I will come next time.
  • cccat
    ?? ????? ???. ?? ???. ????? ?? beihai hotel ???? ??? ??? ? ?????. ????? ???? ?? ????? ???.
  • a traveler
    What else can you say on the mountain? But I met some interesting people in the same room. It's not bad
  • Jasoncai56
    Yes, I will stay here again
  • Grand.Wu
    Good accommodation experience. It's very convenient to eat in the hotel. It's not expensive. It's very rare at the top of Huangshan Mountain. In addition, there is a dryer. It's too humanized. It's great! However, the hotel is on the top of the back mountain. If you want to climb the mountain easily, you'd better go up the back mountain. It's more convenient to put down your luggage. Those who go up the mountain in front of the mountain must pass through Guangming top. Generally, Baiyun Hotel is blocked from Guangming top, so they must be prepared to wait patiently. Otherwise, you have to go to the West Sea Grand Canyon, go down the mountain and then go up the mountain to get to the back mountain. It takes at least 4 hours more walking, which is more difficult, but there are fewer people and more beautiful scenery.
  • luxiaolei701
    The room smelled of mildew. I didn't see the sunrise. I was so stupid that I went back a lot. I was half tired
  • Angelacoco
    It's very close to the sunrise view, but the room environment is very general. There are ten people living in one room. There are people who burp, fart and snore. In short, you know
  • awei0522
    The location is good. It belongs to a place with convenient transportation on Huangshan Mountain. Originally, we booked two standard rooms. In the past, the four of us were a family. The hotel offered to change a suite for us. It was also very good at the 2-bedroom 2-weishilin villa. It's still wet on the mountain. It's also suggested that you don't open the window at night, because there are still a lot of moths and other creatures on the mountain, otherwise you have to enter the room.
  • cinderella64
    It's a better hotel on the mountain. The environment is speechless. It's very close to Baiyun Hotel. It's a five minute walk away. It's closer to the Lion Peak watching the sunrise. The hotel also provides down jacket, which is very considerate. The room is small, but don't expect so much on the mountain. The bed is quite comfortable. It can dry clothes with heating. The service of the restaurant is also very good. I'll order this one next time.
  • wuwasweety
    The price is high on the mountain
  • sing0223
    The hotel is very close to the cloud Valley cableway. The room is not big, clean and sanitary, and the facilities are quite complete. I feel very warm, especially in the rainy days during the 11th National Day, when I was waiting for two hours with big bags of luggage, I could not easily take the cableway up the mountain and feel tired. How enjoyable it is to have a place where I can take a hot bath, replenish energy, and enjoy the beautiful scenery! Hotel dining is worth recommending. The price is reasonable, and it's also palatable. Overall, I feel it's good. The price is not cheap, but I can understand it during holidays.
  • lixining123
    It should be a good hotel. It's expensive in Huangshan scenic area!
  • olivebow
    The room is too small. I can't turn around when there are too many people. Everything else is OK
  • steinblume
    It's OK. There's no gap between the beds
  • aurorean2005
    The hotel on the mountain is OK, but the price is not cheap, more than seven hundred nights.
  • renecici
    Although it is a relatively new hotel in Huangshan, the room is too stuffy and depressing. I don't like it very much!
  • betty1982917
    The hotel is good, with complete facilities and small beds
  • duxin78
    expensive price